– Mission Statement 

Native Gorilla is a hand printed clothing company dedicated to supporting non profits through sports, art, and community service!

-The Mission 

Native Gorilla is not only a brand, it is a lifestyle conceived by an ever-growing community of influential individuals, intriguing projects, and genuine ideas. We are dedicated to supporting those of us eager to improve, to help the ones devoted to positive development, and most importantly, enhance the world as we know it! We are truly inspired by the unexplored talents articulated by undiscovered musicians, artists, athletes, and dreamers. Driving our passion to help such up-and-comers achieve their desired outcome, along side a diverse community of positively engaged friends and supporters! Native Gorilla takes pride in lending a genuine and humble helping hand. A portion of our profits are distributed amongst a variety of non-profit organizations and beautiful causes we very strongly believe in. We thrive on a contagious wave of euphoric energy, we thrive on peace, love and spirit, we are Native Gorilla!


All of Native Gorilla’s Products are, printed and finalized in Colorado either in-house or using local businesses. Products are printed with eco friendly inks, all products are made to order.

-Non-profits we support

Stronghold Society- a live life call to action movement.

The story begins with a advertising design and graphics business, Nakota Designs. Walt Pourier, Creative Director of Nakota Designs, is Oglala Lakota, from the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. Walt’s focus – through his art and design and through the many creative movements he supports – is to share messages of hope, inspiration, and healthy way of life outlooks. His outreach efforts have included youth movements, language revitalization campaigns, suicide prevention, ending domestic violence, food distribution, etc, which have reached many communities.

For more information or to donate to the Stronghold movement go to www.strongholdsociety.org or https://www.facebook.com/pages/Stronghold-Society

Native Women’s House of the Rockies

Mission– To provide safe transitional housing that will support and maintain cultural identity, self-esteem, and independence for Native women and their immediate dependents.

Purpose– The goal of NWHR is to provide a safe and welcoming environment for Native women who are experiencing crises in their lives due to domestic violence, rape, or any other form of abuse such as sex trafficking.  Stays are limited to six months, with each woman having a plan of success designed specifically for her to help achieve personal goals within those six months and how to proceed once graduated from NWHR.

For more information or to donate to the NWHR go to http://www.nativewomenshouse.org/home.html


-Brennen J. Mathues- Creator of the Go and Get Lost project.                                                                                                                                                 Facebook- Go and Get Lost  Instagram- @goandgetlost


-Aj Box (Slay-J)- Tattoo artist.                                                                                                                     Instagram- @slayjtattoo

-Sean Eckles-Professional screen printer and Graphic designer. Owner of Kwality Ink.

-Jackie Kay- Specializing in painting and photography. Barefootonthemountain.com

-Jason Engleberg- specializes in drawing and Graphic design.


-Acacia Jade Studios-Recording Studio. acaciajade.com

-Silver and Smoke- Southern Rock

-Two Faces West- Mountain blues, rock.

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